5 things women look for in your dating bio...


Let’s be honest, online dating is pretty much the only way people seem to meet these days.

So really, if you want to meet your perfect match, it’s in your best interests to make an effort when it comes to your profile. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start – here are 5 things every woman looks for in your bio…


While you might not read every woman’s dating app bio, trust us, she is reading yours! And, if it’s full of blanks – or you’ve neglected to fill it out in its entirety – that says to her that you don’t care enough to make the effort. Translation: if you’re too lazy to put in the work when it comes to setting up your bio, are you going to be unable to make the effort down the line when it really counts?

Meaningless statements, jokes without a punchline or sentences that make no sense are major red flags. If you’ve actually taken the time to fill out your bio, she wants some substance! If nothing else, you need to include the reason why you’re on the app in the first place – do you want a relationship? Or are you looking for something more casual? Seriously, give her something to work with. My name is Joe and I own a dog… won’t cut it (although, truth be told, we’ve seen worse!).

Your values
One of the most important things to include in your profile is an indication as to your values. Why? Because for a relationship to be successful, you and your partner need to have values that align, especially when it comes to the big issues. If family is important to you, make sure you mention it. Likewise if you have a long list of deal breakers, it’s important that you include these in your bio.


Nobody has time for Serious Sam, so make sure you include a little lightheartedness and personality in your profile. For many women, humour is at the top of their wishlist when it comes to a partner as it indicates that you’re someone who doesn’t take life (or yourself!) too seriously.

Your pic

We weren’t going to mention it but.... unfortunately first impressions are still important. As we always say, ditch the sunnies and the selfies and you’re halfway there. Beyond that, ensure that your primary pic is a clear photo of you (and you only!) and try to steer clear of any photos where your ability to make sound, rational decisions appears to have been compromised!

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